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Withdrawal Method, What You Should Know to Prevent Pregnancy

Some men think the best way to have the full enjoyment from a sexual activity without the lady getting pregnant is by withdrawing your penis from the vagina when it is time to ejaculate. Truth must be told, it isnt easy to practice the pull-out method or the withdrawal method. Besides a lot of self control needed, it can also bring about unexpected pregnancy. Jokingly, a friend once told me that if a man could successfully practice the withdrawal method, then he could easily make it to heaven. It was funny but it truly defines how difficult it is to practice the method successfully.

How it works


The man takes his penis out of the woman’s vagina before he ejaculates so fewer sperm get inside. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. A man needs a lot of control to time it right. If the man doesn’t feel he is about to ejaculate in time, he could release the sperms into the woman. Also if the woman is sitting on the man during sex, it could prove difficult to remove the penis in time before ejaculation.

Lets consider some few tips to keep you safe.

  1. If the woman is ovulating, it is not safe to use the withdrawal method.
  2. After every round of sex, the man must pee or wash the penis to clean away any sperm that could be inside the penis after the previous round. Some experts believe that pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum, can pick up enough sperm left in the urethra from a previous ejaculation to cause pregnancy.
  3. When your partner ejaculates outside you, make sure no fluid gets on your upper thighs or groin. Sperm on your skin can work its way inside your vagina.
  4. To be on the safer side, use spermicide.
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The withdrawal method isn’t a reliable method of preventing or controlling birth. You could become pregnant and you are not also safe from sexually transmitted diseases.

According to WebMD, only 4 percent of couples who do the withdrawal method the right way gets pregnant. By comparison, about 18 percent of couples who use condoms get pregnant.

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